Bangkok and Beyond or the Re-cycle project.
Garbage handpicked, and or point and shoot photographed from the streets of Bangkok and the Thai fantasy islands.
All garbage, not disposed but digitally preserved on 24x36 cmos celluloid.
Ready to re-cycle and ready to be sold!
You can infinitely stare your eyes out while holding up a bloody Mary, puffing away a cigar inside your
stone temple hideout while these siblings are lounging at your cream white walls.
They've come a long way and are ready for a re-cycle, and ready for transport at the cost of the trip:
ticket Dusseldorf-Bangkok: €510,00
pocketmoney trip: €650,00
2 times robbed in 3 weeks: €140,00 ( not that bad at all for 2 times huh?!:-)
€1300,- for the set of 5 (ex VAT, ex finishing)

edition: let the dice decide, among transaction you will receive a gold colored dice.
The number you throw will set up the edition of the series.